Communing With Humpbacks

My family spent the last week in Boston, MA for summer vacation where we also visited Salem, Plymouth, and Nantucket. While we were on Nantucket Island we spent a few days filled with the beach, riding bikes, and exploring town. My favorite day, however, was the all day whale watching excursion my siblings and I went on.

Once our boat got out to open ocean, the first half of our day was spent with a mother humpback whale and her calf and the second half was spent with some dolphins pods. For 45 minutes, the mother humpback and her calf spent their time checking us out while we all checked them out, both parties being equally as curious about each other. At one point, the calf even rolled over on its side to get a better look at all us funny looking creatures with our cameras. The calf’s mother was content to let it explore while she dove periodically below our boat. When they tired of us finally, our captain steered us off in search of more whales. What we came upon, however, were some pods of dolphins totaling to upwards of 250 individuals. For half an hour, as the boat cruised along, the dolphins busied themselves with playing in the boat’s wake while they swam along with the boat. Eventually, they also went off in their separate directions as time ran out before we had to head back into port, but not before running across a last group of humpback whales as they were preparing to dive leaving us all with an amazing display of their tail flukes.

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