Oh, Ah-Caching We Will Go

Last weekend, one of my friends took another friend and I out geocaching. We started the morning out early, crossing not a single soul as we headed out to our first geocache on campus. Following the GPS, we found the location among some gardens and greenhouses. Near a gazebo-like structure with an overgrown water feature we turned over rocks and dug through fallen leaves beneath the trees searching for the tiny cache.

After several minutes we had to head back to the car to review the cache description because we were having a hard time trying to figure out its hiding spot. Half an hour later and we weren’t sure where to look anymore and forced to give up.

Our second cache was another one on campus and quite easy to find compared to our unfruitful first attempt. It was just an old water bottle covered in camouflage-patterned duct tape hidden in a bush near some dorms. I can see why geocachers head out so early because, if not for the fact that everyone was still asleep, it would’ve been awkward to have someone catch us rummaging through a bush.

Our third cache required a short drive away from campus up into the foothills a bit into Pleasant Valley. We pulled over into a parking lot with a small picnic area and made the short walk up a hill to the lookout area. Below us was spread the gorgeous valley surrounded on all sides by the foothills.

Like the cache before, this one was super easy to find and was only hidden within a rock formation atop the hill where we stood. For this cache, as with all caches, we signed and dated the log and had the option of taking a small token as long as we left behind a token of our own, but decided not to as we had nothing left to leave.

Deciding we still had time for another, we drove into town for our fourth and final cache of the day. We soon found ourselves driving through a neighborhood near campus and having to park and walk along a trail to reach the cache by following the GPS. As we approached a small lake, we soon connected the dots between a hint provided in the description and a small physical detail which prohibited us reaching the cache. We were able to deduce that, according the GPS’s approximate distance we were from it, that the geocache had to be located on the tiny island in the center of the lake. As none of us were in the mood or prepared to wade through the water that morning we abandoned all hopes of reaching it. The decision was quickly made, therefore, to head back home for some breakfast and a nap.


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