History in the Present

Similar to the other day, as in Parts of a Whole, my friend from My Life in Pictures and I decided to continue with some of our other ideas for photography collaborations. This afternoon we focused on capturing the character of some of the historic buildings on campus. Compared to today, the original part of campus is much smaller and the buildings all ring a central open area. Of the few dates we were able to find, it would appear that most of these were erected in the 1920s even though the university is much older than that. In our student center, there are several old photos hanging on the wall and they make me wish I could go back in time and experience what this place would have been like back in its prime. Maybe I’m just a sucker for old architecture and history though. Whatever the case, its neat to see what the university once was and how it’s changed over the years as it has expanded and grown. I believe this holds true for all historical buildings, however, and what makes them so special. The other half of this collection can be viewed here.

Administration Building




3 comments on “History in the Present

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