Parts of a Whole

In the few photography classes I’ve taken, I’ve done projects such as finding the alphabet using inanimate objects, pairing two pictures to demonstrate what color meant to us, and expressing play or fear through the use of images and music. Along with my friend at My Life in Pictures, I thought it would be cool if we could somehow incorporate similar ideas into several, smaller collaborations. So what started as a quick run to the park, turned into a brainstorming session and, later, a spontaneous beginning to our project. I started by taking pictures of trees from afar or as a whole while my friend took closeup pictures of the same tree. Together, we picked our favorites and then made each pair into a collage. Half of them can be seen here and the other half can be seen here.


2 comments on “Parts of a Whole

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  2. […] to the other day, as in Parts of a Whole, my friend from My Life in Pictures and I decided to continue with some of our other ideas for […]

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