Things Pushed Aside

In the last past weeks, I’ve totally forgotten about posting to this blog. School has been crazy hectic and I’m swamped with schoolwork. This semester I just haven’t been able to find the motivation to put the much needed time and effort into my classes. All I need to do is make it through the end of the semester and pass these last few classes to graduate (I may have had a minor scare/panic attack that I may not pass in a time of stress). Only problem is that a couple of them are dull, yet important, lower level classes that have a boatload of work, not to mention both of my three hour labs. So for the last few weeks I’ve only made it through alive by focusing my time on school and photography outings. Sadly, if I weren’t so prone to procrastinating I would actually be on top of things instead of being buried under there crushing weight. Nothing I can change about that now, however.

To make up for my lapse, I’m going to try to get a few posts up with pictures from a few of my outings over the next few days. On a happier note, I’m super excited to go out a shoot some pictures with my new DSLR I purchased today. I’ve been wanting one for a long time ever since I took a photography class during my time abroad. It was originally supposed to be for graduation but I talked my mom into letting me get it earlier since I mentioned I’d had enough money saved up. Now I will have to work even harder on schoolwork to ensure I pass and actually rightfully earn it.


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