Sleepless State of Mind

Yesterday, when I woke up, I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be going back to bed again until 24 hours later. At about midnight on Friday, my friends and I decided to stay up all night to watch the sun rise. We figured that if we’d made it that far six more hours would be a breeze. And, strangely, it was. We managed to entertain ourselves mainly by watching movies, but our conversations were what were the most interesting.

When 6 AM rolled around this morning, we scrambled to get ready and make the drive into the foothills to find a good spot to view the sunrise. It’s the strangest feeling to be up at that time in the morning after staying up all night. The brain and the body seem to have a hard time working together to make sense of reality. The whole experience, however, was something else entirely. It was an experience only to be lived in the moment. To watch the sun crest the horizon and light up the world while most everyone is oblivious to the phenomenon is something indescribable. It has to be experienced for oneself to truly appreciate it.

Now, nine hours after the sunrise and with only three hours of sleep, I’m feeling disjointed from the passing of life as it goes on in the real world, seemingly with or without me. I still joke with my friends about a text message I received from another time when they stayed up all night. It said something along the lines of: do we exist within time or outside of time? I’m now starting to realize the state of mind that may have come from now, having finally pulled an all-nighter. Again, it’s something that has to be experienced by oneself to understand.


One comment on “Sleepless State of Mind

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