Do Like the Italians Do!

Every Christmas, my dad’s side of the family gets together to make homemade spaghetti for Christmas Eve. The Italian comes from my nana’s side of the family, most of whom live in West Virginia. I even still have some very distant family still living in the area around Lake Como, Italy believe it or not. To give you an idea of what some of my family is like let’s just say that sometimes I’m reminded of soemthing from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The Greeks aren’t that much different from the Italians when it comes to family dynamics. No, I do not have some crazy little grandmother, but my dad’s great-aunts are something else for sure.

Making spaghetti and the family recipe for pasta sauce, therefore, have been passed down for generations. It’s also a good thing my family is big because spaghetti making is no small task. It takes a whole crew to be able to make as much as we do. We usually have three pasta machines running at a time flattening dough and then later cutting noodles. The hardest and most frustrating part is when it comes time to cut the noodles because we constantly have to check the how wet the rolled dough is. Most of the time, we have problems with waiting too long and then the dough dries on the edges and won’t run straight through the machine. It bunches up and takes forever to coax through unless we give in and do thick noodles. This year, we stumbled upon the fact that maybe we had been doing it wrong the whole time after my cousin ran a wet strip through. It didn’t necessarily cut the noodles apart, but made indents like a serrated edge. We theorized that after the noodles were dry that they would we easy to break apart or would separate as they were being cooked. In the end, the spaghetti turned out fine.


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