A Thing of the Past

Sadly, drive-in movie theaters are quickly becoming extinct. It’s a tragedy, in my opinion. Americans still love their movies, but it seems our busy lifestyle has gotten in the way of enjoying the simpler things in life. Bigger and better things have come along also. Who wouldn’t rather sit in a climate controlled theater with surround sound? Still, what I wouldn’t give to see the drive-in in its heyday.

There used to be a drive-in near my home, but it was slowly forgotten and quickly redeveloped into an apartment complex. Funny that I was only introduced to the waning splendor of these theaters a couple of years beforehand when my family and I went to see Cars. Luckily, however, there’s still one thriving, if barely so, in the city where I go to college. I’m assuming it has its strong student population to thank for that and in the last two years my friends and I have been supporters of the cause. Who knows how many more years before the drive-in does go extinct, but when it’s all said and done, I’m glad to have experienced a thing of the past before it was truly one.


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