To Where the Elk Bugle

There’s nothing more interesting than watching the elk bugle during the rutting season in the fall. My friends and I have now gone this year and last year to Estes Park, Colorado to enjoy the festivities during Elk Fest. After discovering it better to spot the elk bugling and fighting over possession of females around dusk, we decided to spend our day in Estes Park exploring the old-fashioned town with all its interesting little stores. Afterwards, we thought we’d cruise around the park and go for a short hike. The aspen trees around this time of year are absolutely gorgeous displaying their leaves of gold.

Afterwards, we went in search of elk or, even better yet, swarms of cars pulled over on the side of the road. It didn’t take us long to come across our first sighting where we quickly got out of the car to watch a group of females minding their own business grazing while two bull elk battled it out not too far away. In the meantime, however, a young bull stealthily slipped by them to steal away the female being fought over. After a while, we went in search of other elk and quickly came across several bulls watching over their harems. Throughout the entire evening, the sound of elk bugling could be heard around the park. I would highly suggest to anyone who gets the opportunity to experience the elk rut should take advantage of one of nature’s most fascinating shows.


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