The Magic of Midnight

My sister had never been to a midnight release of a movie until this summer. She’s a morning person. I’m a night owl. See the problem? Therefore, my sister, brother and I decided that we should remedy this problem by going to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. We even went the whole nine yards and dressed up for it, scrounging together costumes the day before with what we could find around the house and at the thrift store. My sister went as Hermoine (having already dressed up for a school event), my brother went as Draco Malfoy and I went as Fleur Delacour. Never again will I wear a dress to a two and half hour-long movie.

At the movie theater, not being crazy Harry Potter fans, we quickly found ourselves the odd ones out among the group down front battling it out wizard style. For anyone who hasn’t been to the midnight release of a majorly popular movie, you’re missing out. It is something everyone must experience for themselves once in their lifetime. It’s amazing the people you see dressed up as their favorite character or groups acting out their favorite scenes to pass the time. The truly nerdy and crazy embrace it whole heartedly. It’s a whole other world at midnight.


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