Museum of Tropical Queensland

The Museum of Tropical Queensland is located in Townsville right next to ReefHQ. It hosts the sole exhibit of the infamous wrecked SS Yongala.


Aside from being one of the most popular dive sites, the SS Yongala is also a rich piece of history. Inside the exhibit, my friends and I examined the vast display of relics salvaged from the wreck and got a glimpse into the beginning of scuba diving and how its progressed since then. The museum also has several other exhibits tailored mainly to families with children where they can discover interesting things about the human body or local flora and fauna from past and present.

Replica Bell

The first half of our day was spent at the Museum, whereafter, we headed across the river to the Maritime Museum of Townsville.


There we found displays of old sailing equipment among other things. Half the museum was a tribute to WWII which shed some light on Australia’s role as a naval power of the time. Out back in the marina, we managed to get a glimpse of the replica of Captain James Cook’s ship, the HMS Endeavor, which happened to be visiting Townsville at the time. The ship is a perfect replica which serves as a traveling museum all over the world. Unfortunately, we were unable to go aboard but, overall, the day was very educational.


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