Public Transportation Horror Show

Lesson: While taking public transportation is feasible and not as scary as it looks, I’d prefer not to.

After this semester, never again will I take having a car at my disposal for granted. I’ve never had to depend on public transportation or really have had to take it much outside of on vacation until my time here in Australia. As sad as it may be, I actually miss my car more than anything at this moment.

It’s amazing how simple weekly activities, such as grocery shopping, can become a huge hassle. Each time, I’ve got to make sure I’ve grabbed all my necessary food items before I can even start contemplating if I have room for anything extra. If I forget anything it’s not as simple as running back again. On top of that, somehow I always manage to grab a lot of heavy items so carrying my purchases becomes quite tiring even though I’ll only have two bags worth of stuff.

Worrying about bus schedules is now constantly on my mind. Like anybody else, I’ve got to plan out my schedule and make the best use of my free time when I have it. Something as simple as going to the store or getting someplace at a certain time quickly takes up lots of my time because bus times rule my life now. Going to the store isn’t so bad, but on the rare occasion when I’ve needed to be somewhere else I’ve been lucky enough to bum rides from friends. Therefore, it’s always good to know some locals when you’re in a foreign country and without a car for an extended period of time.

I’ve managed for the time being, but with my time here quickly coming to an end, I yearn for the day when I can get in my car and go wherever I want whenever I want.


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