Creepy Crawlies Galore

One thing I will not miss about this country is the abundance of bugs. Not to mention the countless number of other creatures slithering, hopping or crawling around. Being from Colorado, where all we have are mozzies, I like it as bug free as possible. I’m not scared of them. It’s their habit of showing up out of nowhere that gets to me.

Spiders are especially creepy, but, luckily, I haven’t seen hordes of them since I was in Brisbane, Queensland. Then you’ve got giant spiders possessing ninja-like stealth because when I went to put my camera away and came back in the kitchen, he’d managed to vanish into thin air. Geckos: I don’t mind these little guys because they eat the nasty bugs, make cute little chirping noises and hang out with me in the shower. Then there’s the cane toads which are just plain butt ugly and everywhere. They’re also not the brightest thing around. I’ve witnessed one hop into a concrete pillar. Twice. Then we have whatever the heck this big creepy green bug is, but it was in the bathroom one night. Sitting there and staring at me. Talk about pressure! I’ve also came across several species, of what I’m assuming to be, tropical moths. I’ve never seen such color combinations on a moth before.


Green Moth

I’m glad I haven’t seen anymore than this of Australia’s vast collection of deadly and unique creepy crawly creatures. Although, the most recent encounter was that of the cricket plague which, unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of. Just imagine a hallway littered with cricket carcasses. They were either dead, twitching in the throes of death or flying haphazardly into inanimate objects and people. That was a rather unpleasant few weeks which I’d be glad not to repeat.


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