An English Breakfast

I’ve heard of crumpets before, but I’d never had one until the other week. They’re only found in England and other Commonwealth nations like Australia. I’ve been to Europe before, but as to why I’ve never come across one before, I don’t know. Therefore, it’s just another opportunity for me to have another truly unique Australian experience. I’m pretty excited because crumpets, from what I’ve been told, are similar tasting to that of an American pancake.

My roommate, who actually happens to be from California and not Australia, made me try a crumpet one night. She warmed it up and poured a little bit of honey over it for me and everything. After eating it, the only way I can think of to describe it would be by comparing it to a combination of a pancake and an English muffin. In addition to that, it’s really light and spongy, but satisfyingly delicious none the less. Being a big fan of breakfast food, it’s too bad they aren’t sold back home in the States.


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