Australian Slang

Having been in Australia for two months now, I’m surprised at how little slang I’ve actually heard used.  Since I probably won’t pick up a cool accent while I’m here, I’m making it my goal to return home having picked up the most Australian slang as possible. Below is a list I’ve compiled of common words and phrases I’ve come across. This way everyone can understand what I’m saying when I return home.

  • Aussie: Australian
  • bathers: swim suit
  • bottle shop: liquor store
  • Bottle-O: liquor store
  • brekkie: breakfast
  • BYO: bring your own alcohol
  • down under: Australia or New Zealand
  • fairy floss: cotton candy
  • heaps: a lot
  • hoon: hooligan
  • Maccas/Mackers: McDonald’s
  • mate: buddy or friend
  • mozzie: mosquito
  • no worries: no problem, forget about it
  • Outback: Australia’s interior
  • Oz: Australia
  • pokies: poker or slot machines
  • Seppo: American
  • tea: dinner
  • thongs: flip flops or sandals
  • togs: swim suit
  • uni: university
  • college: dorm residence
  • bloke: a guy
  • blue: fight
  • Brisvegas: nickname for Brisbane
  • footy: Australian rules football, rugby
  • fossick: search, rummage
  • g’day: hello
  • lollies: sweets, candies
  • sheila: a woman
  • sunnies: sunglasses
  • trackies: track suit
  • ute: utility vehicle or a pickup truck
  • yewy: u-turn

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