She buried her face in his shoulder. And while the truth still scared her, being in his arms made her feel like the sea finding its shore, like a traveler returning after a long, hard, distant trip – finally returning home.

Fallen (Fallen Series #1) by Lauren Kate. Yet again, another beautifully conceived cover grabbed my attention and made me pick this book up. At first, I was convinced this was another vampire romance novel like the Twilight Saga, but as I started reading it I became aware that my first impression had been totally wrong. This book, however, did little to disappoint. In fact, I couldn’t put it down.

Luce Price, our heroine, finds herself at a boarding school for delinquents and crazies where no cell phones are allowed and they’re required to wear all black as part of their school uniforms. On top of that, she’s starting to again see the eerie shadows that only she can see. On the up side, Cam and Daniel, whom have both caught Luce’s attention, create rays of light in the world of darkness Luce has found herself in. Full of mystery, romance and intrigue, this book had me turning page after page. It had its slight similarities to Hush, Hush and Twilight and even a bit in common with The Immortals series, but this book undoubtedly stands apart from the crowd. It’s hard to find a decent story about angels or much else among today’s popular teen choices of vampires and werewolves so I was very excited about this book because of that. Lauren Kate managed to provide readers with a new and refreshing twist on the popular subject of fallen angels and that is what I liked best about this work of fiction. Aside from the subject matter of Fallen, the characters were very well written in my opinion. They were portrayed in ways that made them realistic and believable. The dialogue and interaction between characters was most definitely written by someone who has a way with words and is skilled in writing. None of it felt cheesy or out of place and aided the story along nicely in its progression instead of setting it back.

In the beginning, however, Fallen was a bit slow and tedious throughout the first half, but quickly picked up soon enough with an increasing number of action and romance scenes throughout. The sluggish pace with which the story unfolds may have been due to the lack of information being given. Secrets being withheld until the last few chapters was at the same time both annoying and not. On one hand, it made it more relatable to Luce’s perspective on events because, as the reader, I was just as confused as she was throughout the book, but, on the other hand, it left a lot to be desired when the last chapter came to a close. Even knowing that Lauren Kate wrote this book as the first in a series, I felt like not a lot happened until the very end and that it was a bit rushed when it did finally happen. Hopefully, the next books in the series will do a better job to explain more and fill in the missing gaps.

I was left with a lot of unanswered questions after reading Fallen, but I still look forward to reading the next books in the series with much enthusiasm. I highly recommend giving this book a try to anyone who loves reading about angels or fallen angels. I also recommend it to those who love all teen romance novels too because it’s a refreshing read from vampires.


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