Kangaroos, Koalas and Platypus – Oh My!

Of course if you visit Australia you have to do the touristy thing and hold a koala, feed the kangaroos and see a platypus, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a fulfilling trip. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to do all three of those things within my first week here down under and let me tell you, it’s been a life changing experience! All my life I’ve seen these amazing animals at the zoo or on TV, but to think I would actually get up close and personal with them is something I would’ve never thought of in my wildest dreams. It even still seems too good to be true, but below are some pictures to prove it.

This little sweetheart is Pebbles the red kangaroo and she’s only ten months old. I got to feed her from my hand at the Australia Zoo of all places!

These guys don’t do anything pretty much all day long and I got to see plenty of that at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Koalas really do know how to live the good life…

This guy is Barry the platypus and he’s eleven years old. He’s extremely entertaining and fascinating to watch, but hard to photograph. I got to see him catch a crayfish, crack it’s shell open and eat it.

The animals here are so different from everything I’ve ever known and so amazing at the same time! Even though these three were in captivity, I’ve still had plenty of opportunity to see many native species in their natural habitats. Wallabies run wild on campus and I’ve seen a kookaburra flying around and eating bugs around my dorm in the evenings. Along the beach, I’ve spotted some red-tailed black cockatoos and even some rainbow lorikeets in the trees. In the evenings, it isn’t uncommon to spot flying foxes soaring above head. There are even geckoes in my bathroom and kitchen! Not to mention the numerous unidentifiable species of birds, butterflies, frogs and reptiles everywhere else.


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