Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Now that I’m actually in Australia, I’ve compiled a list of the most important things I’d like to do and places I’d like to visit. Since writing down things helps commit yourself to achieving your goals, I thought I’d also post them here. Over the next few months, as I hear of interesting new things and time goes by I’ll make sure to edit my list. In turn, as I check items off my list I’ll post details of my experiences.

  1. Try a kangaroo steak.
  2. Visit the Australia Zoo.
  3. Pet and feed a kangaroo.
  4. Hold a koala.
  5. Photograph a platypus.
  6. Hike through the rainforest.
  7. See a wallaby on campus.
  8. Go to Reef HQ.
  9. Climb Castle Hill.
  10. Try fairy bread.
  11. Try Vegemite.
  12. Try a crumpet.
  13. Travel to New Zealand.
  14. Go sailing.
  15. See wild dolphins.
  16. Go zorbing.
  17. Go on a Lord of the Rings tour.
  18. Visit Cairns.
  19. See a wild cassowary.
  20. Go bungee jumping.
  21. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef.
  22. Make a trip to Magnetic Island.
  23. See a koala in the wild.
  24. Feed the rock wallabies.
  25. Attend a rugby game.
  26. Visit the Museum of Tropical Queensland.
  27. Spend an afternoon walking through Palmetum.
  28. Go crabbing (but fail to catch a mud crab).

I also wanted to share a video that my study abroad program at my home university played a few months ago to get us motivated and inspired for our upcoming adventures abroad. Everytime I watch it I know that it inspires me to make the most of my travels and hopefully it will do the same for you. Here it is:


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