My Goals Down Under

As I’m getting ready to depart on my study abroad trip to Australia, I thought I would come up with some goals to keep in mind when I’m down under. Here they are:

  1. Come to better understand and better appreciate another culture other than my own.
  2. Become a better informed individual who is more aware of issues around the world.
  3. Be able to say I’ve walked in someone else’s shoes and been able to see the world through their eyes.
  4. Have no regrets when I return home.
  5. Reach out of my comfort zone.
  6. Force myself to do things I normally wouldn’t do or have the opportunity to do.
  7. Be more outgoing and more sociable.
  8. Make new friends.
  9. Look into joining a club or being involved in something of interest to me.
  10. Academically, fulfill credit towards my major and be open to new career paths I may not have known existed before.
  11. Go exploring on as many excursions and have as many adventures as I possibly can.
  12. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime and take advantage of it.

My biggest goal of all, however, would be to try and be true to what I have listed above and document every moment in pictures and memories.


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